Abigail is a local industry leader with over 12 years of wedding & portrait photography experience under her belt. She has partnered with organizations like The Rising Tide Society to found & lead the local Tuesday's Together group, hosted her own workshops, and mentored several photographers who are now taking the local industry by storm. Abigail has two children, Chloe + Noah, loves to be outdoors, played college volleyball & competed & coached in USA Gymnastics into adulthood. She met Micah- her now business partner, second shooter and most importantly, husband- by commenting on a travel image of his on IG and then randomly and quite literally bumping into him in Cracker Barrel while he was simultaneously responding to her IG message. Serendipitous? We think, yes.
Micah works as a Land Rover-Jaguar technician full time and has spent months traveling the globe and photographing his adventures. He had a wedding and several portrait sessions under his belt when the two met and he's been working as a second shooter, people organizer & detail watcher ever since. He's got serious skill and the fact that his dance moves have been complimented at every wedding he's ever shot should tell you that he will most surely bring the hype to the party!

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Tower bridge,

Neuschwanstein castle schwangau, Germany

Rocky mountain national park,

Jaco, Costa Rica

Chimney Tops,
Great Smokey Mountains

Rio grande Albuquerque,
New mexico

mount pilatus,


Chateau De Chillon, Switzerland






Details on a wedding day is one of  my favorite things to document. Typically, these are the first things I shoot when I arrive and I block out at least 40 minutes to focus on the often times overlooked details that pull together a wedding day. In the image shown here, you'll see new shoes with beautiful accents, historic family heirlooms like the bibles & the necklace, the invitations, and the rings. These may not be images that end up on a canvas in someone's home, but they will forever serve as a timestamp of the  little things the bride held close on the most beautiful day of her life thus far.

we love details

Obsessed is an understatement. I love to get as many photos of the bouquet as possible and often these tie into the details photos I take at the start of the day. I encourage anyone and everyone to invest in florals. Bring them to your engagement session. Have them in your hair. Getting eloped? Let's forage a mountain side for wild flowers. 

obsessed with florals

I think that we can all agree that the biggest reason to hire a photographer is to document your moments in an authentic manner. We want to save those photos to preserve a memory and a moment in time so it is vital that the memories we create in the camera are realistic and line up with the memories we make in our minds. We want to break down the uncomfortability of being in front of a camera and help you begin to run, play, laugh and create moments worth documenting. 

we love authenticity

While we have hundreds of formal weddings under our belts, our love for authenticity and travel collide when we get to work destination weddings & elopements. These allow us to get to know the couples in a more intimate way and gives us more time to slow down and truly create magic with them. Typically, we book elopements and destination weddings about a year in advance and that allows us to scout the areas we're heading to and prepare for any rough terrain or must visit locations and it gives us time to pull permits and handle the legal side of things. We always like to remind our clients that we definitely have our passports and we definitely travel! Let's go make adventures together!

Elopements & Intimate weddings are our jam!


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