We are primarily wedding photographers which means we spend A LOT of time photographing couples. It's like, kind of our thing. We LOVE when we get to work with couples for their milestone moments whether we are photographing their wedding or not. If you are looking for a session with your partner for fun, a proposal, engagement, anniversary or any other reason in between-- we are IN! We especially love when couples want to create something unique to them and we thoroughly enjoy the creative process that comes with that. We're into in home sessions all cozied up by the fire or cooking your favorite meal and we are also into jumping back into your wedding attire and going to a new location to celebrate your anniversary. Whatever idea you may have, I can assure you- we will love helping make it come to life!

from dating to engagement to anniversary & every reason in between

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1 hour session at destination
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session planning
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1 hour session
online gallery
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For the happy couple

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The first step is to simply reach out. We often work with clients who have unique needs and create custom packages for those needs. We love to go grab coffee and day dream about your perfect adventure but if you're not local- a glass of wine or a coffee over Zoom is the next best thing. Face to face interaction helps us get to know you and you get to know us and the most important thing I could ever encourage a couple to do is book a photographer you connect with on a personal level. 

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Step two begins when we have decided that we're a great fit, we've mapped out a game plan and agreed on the details. We'll draft a proposal for you to review which will give you a break down of everything included in your package, offers a payment plan and provides a contract for you to read and review. Once we get to this step, we will discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding legalities and then sign the contract. There is a 50% non-refundable retainer which is taken out of the full balance owed. This retainer will save your date and ensure that we can no longer book any other clients on that day. Reschedules and cancellations will require written communication. Retainers are non-refundable but we do have flexibility for unforeseen events as well as Covid-19 related health issues and will work to reschedule your date as best as possible.

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We will have nailed down the details at this point -- all the way down to outfit suggestions if needed! You'll arrive to your selected location and I will be there to greet you and walk you through how the session will go. We will talk about how I break the ice and make things fun and adventurous and then we will get started on your session! Guys-- I make this whole session about YOU. Yep, you read that right! I am a firm believer that when I take the time to focus on the person who is least likely to be enjoying the session and make it fun for them- EVERYONE has fun and when everyone has fun, everyone loves their images. So, if you need to bring a drink bring one! Love to jam out to your favorite hits? I've got a Bluetooth speaker on hand. We'll get moving and laughing and you'll forget there's a camera even there. Instead, you can just pretend I'm the third wheel. 

it's Session time!


This is the moment you've waited for. The big reveal! We spend countless hours hand editing each and every image you receive and creating your visual story. Once your images are completed we will upload them to the online gallery in Pic-Time and with a click of a button, you'll receive your photos! In the gallery you will have the option to download all of your images in full-resolution for print or web-sized for social media. Additionally, there will be the option to share the gallery with family & friends and you can order prints and albums through an attached online shop where you can visualize your images on each and every item available. Once you've looked through & loved your images, we just ask that you send us a review on Google, Facebook or through the online gallery so more people can know that they too can have a great experience with us!

Receiving your images

Aaryn joiner

Abigail and Micah could not have been more on-point and fun photographers to work with for our wedding day! We knew it was crucial to find a team that we would vibe with, who are professional and talented yet down-to-earth and fun. They did not disappoint! They made us feel so at ease, present, and played an invaluable role in making our big day a success. To say they surpassed our hopes and expectations is an understatement. Their ability to capture the day and inspire us was more than we ever dreamed and the photos show it. Every single one blew us away! Proud clients and friends for life!

Christina sacca

We had the Millers do the photography for our wedding at the Coastal Arts Center. They were an absolute joy to work with!! They were so kind, thoughtful, and accommodating throughout the entire day. Prior to our wedding day they made sure to reach out for updates, created a very detailed timeline for the day, and checked in to make sure we didn’t need anything as it got closer to the big day. I am very awkward in front of a camera but Micah and Abigail made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and I can’t thank them enough for that. They provided me with comfort, support, encouragement, and comedic relief on a very stressful and nerve wracking day. We recently got our pictures back and they are quite literally the most beautiful pieces of art we have ever seen!! Abigail and Micah caught the most beautiful and genuine moments from our wedding day. Working with them was a dream. They were flexible yet efficient and eased the stress of the day. It is important to pick good photographers for your wedding day because you spend almost every second of it with them. I would pick Abigail and Micah again in a heart beat :) 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for professional, hard working, kind, and talented photographers.



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